• And if you think you can’t dance, don’t worry. Shaun breaks down the routines, step-by-step, move-by-move, and builds them into a full dance workout. And at the end, you’ll get to CIZE IT UP to songs from Shaun’s playlist. You’ll get a great workout while learning cize of the kinds of dance moves you see in music videos and on dance shows. Stick with Shaun T and you’ll be dancing from Day One and getting into great shape. You’ll have so much fun challenging yourself to master the dance choreography during this program that you won’t even realize you are getting a great cardio workout. When you Press Play, you just got to go for it.

    cize by shaun t

    If you, mess up or if you go left and I’m going right, just keep on going, because you’re eventually going to get cize dance. You have to move with  as much intent as possible. Every movement you do should have energy and purpose behind it. Just go for it.When you Press Play, you just got to go cize workout for it.  Just go for it.f you have been following me for awhile you may know how much I love Shaun T.  He’s coming out with a new program called CIZE.  Check out this video for a little more information.

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