• If you’ve ever worked out with Shaun T, then you MUST be as excited as I am about this new program! Let’s be real – I am a COMPLETELY spastic dancer. So the thought of me doing this in my living room both terrifies and excites me at the exact same time!Tired of squats, lunges, push-ups, and boring cardio? Then pay attention cize fitness because you’re about to look forward to working out! Shaun T goes back to his dancing roots and makes losing weight an “experience.” You’ll be LIVIN’ and SWEATIN’ to hot new moves and great music!It’s something that anyone can do. Shaun T said not to worry if you feel like you can’t dance.

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    He can TEACH you how to dance. The bonus is that you may have some NEW moves to share on the dance floor.Shaun T CIZE is choreographed to the latest pop music to keep you energized and moving, so you’ll get a great workout while learning the kinds of dance moves you see in music videos and on dance shows.When you Press Play, you just got to go for it. You can’t walk into this program being nervous. If you, mess up or if you go left and I’m going right, just keep on going, because you’re eventually going to get it. You have to move with as much intent as possible. Every movement you do should have energy and purpose behind it. Just go for it.A lot of people come up cize exercise to me and they’re like, I don’t have rhythm. I’m like do you have a favorite song? Yes. You might not sound good singing that song, but when the song comes on, you can sing to the song, which means there’s rhythm in your mind. You just have to put it into your body.These are all things you’ve done. You’ve crossed your arms when you’ve waited for somebody. You open up your arms when you’re like “what?” And you’ve put your hands on your shoulders, just to wipe something off your shoulders.   For 35–40 minutes

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